Why a marine scientist needs encrypted emails

Why a marine scientist needs encrypted emails

26 May 2015

Post-Snowden my concern for my online privacy has been on a slow-cooker at the back of my conscience. However, I was unsure how to proceed to get more privacy without having to resort to the TOR project. That was until I watched Andy Chen’s TED talk on why your email is not private and heard about Protonmail which offers free online encrypted email services that is as easy to use as any other email provider.

Still, why would a marine scientist and family dad need encrypted email? It took me some time to understand why I need it, but in the end I see that even normal (boring) people like myself might need strong, secure encryption now and again. Here is my list of possible realistic reasons for why I need encrypted email:

  • Sending & receiving confidential information (passwords, civil records, health information etc.)
  • Confidential contact with media, authorities etc. (e.g. whistleblower situation)
  • Provide others with a secure way of communicating with me

A bit paranoid perhaps, but the level of government surveillance that Edwards Snowden and Wikileaks have revealed makes me a bit uneasy, and it is good to know that it is possible to have full privacy on the internet. So now I have a secure mail set up erik.olsen@protonmail.com where you’all can reach me securly.

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